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Friday, February 09, 2007

Birmingham Winter Blues!

This morning! Guess what? Radio 4 Today Programme had on Councillor Les Lawrence of Birmingham City Council. Now, Cllr Lawrence had been on the BBC lunchtime news yesterday saying that weather forecasts were unreliable. This morning he is saying that he was in "close consultation" with the Met Office. Did he tell them he had no faith in 48 hour forecasts. Did he tell them he did not believe snow was coming, but had to be up at 6.30 himself to make sure? What changed his mind in two hours? What possessed him to pick up the phone to have this "close consultation". A bolt from Heaven?

Cllr Larence has fallen foul of the weasel words that politicians use today. He has closed all Birmingham schools. However, independent schools are open. Why? In Solihull the weather has appeared to have become more friendly to the council, but they were also of "you can't believe the weather forecasts" yesterday. Today the Solihull schools are open.

So we have the bizarre situation of schools in Birmingham closed but open in Solihull. Their nonsense knows no bounds! Cllr Lawrence makes a fool of himself when he cites safety as an issue. Humbug! It's all about not being sued for accidents and not wanting to be involved in re-organising staff and lessons. In other words, an easy life.

If Cllr Lawrence was so concerned with the safety and welfare of children he would not have allowed them to roam the streets playing in the snow as they did. Falling down out of school is the parents responsibility as he closed the schools. No worries for the LEA then.

I see Cllr Lawrence is the Cabinet Member for Education and Lifelong Learning. He must have got the fastest crash course in meteorology in history!


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