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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blair's Secretive Constitutional Signing!

Peter Hain was on TV this morning having a ding-dong with Rory Bremner. Hain thought Bremner was active in bringing politicians into disrepute. What does he think? That a comedic performer well versed in satire can distort the reflections of the voting public in a permanent way? I would say that politicians do it perfectly well themselves. Hain is an opportunist. Although he is not without talent, he has shown that he is capable of jumping onto a bandwagon that he thinks is going to his final political destination. He thought Blair's caravan of delights had just the right attractions. Now that caravan has lost its lustre so he is trying to board the Brown train.

If politicians want to clean up their acts, then they would be wise to keep clear of Blair's deviousness. His latest sly trick is to sign up to the European constitution without consulting the British people or even his likely successor, Gordon Brown. Blair said that the country would have a referendum. Europhiles and sceptics and most in between welcomed such a move. Blair said that this would be so.The referendum would be consultative. We know that. But it would be a chance to air views and make a decision. If it is now to be a done deal without any reference to anyone other than the European Commission then Blair is in for a rough ride.

Whatever our views we should be very wary of this current state of affairs!


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