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Friday, February 09, 2007

David Miliband v Goliath Gordon?

David Miliband, the rising star of the Labour Party (or future leader, etc, etc) has appeared to utter a gaffe on whether Gordon Brown would be liked as leader. He predicted that in the future "people will be saying 'wouldn't it be great to have that Blair back because we can't stand that Gordon Brown'." Well, I won't be, but doesn't it say a lot about the real tensions going on in the Labour Party right now!


C'mon, be fair.

Milliband was making a comment about the nature of being Prime Minister that they will always be criticised.

He prepared people for the criticism Brown will come in for but at the same time played down the criticism Blair is getting... well, he tried!

I agree with you, it's funny and he should be more wise as to how his comments would have been represented in the media.

It is a fair point made...

but context is key to the comment, i mean how often is the much hyped by the media blair brown rift actually substantiated...

either in press, on tv, and last but never leats by an actual cabinet minister...

i think in hunger to try and give some substance to the media rumours the media has jumped on a comment about the relationship between governed and governor and twisted it to fit their end.

was it a clever thing to say... no

but please lookey see here.. made me laugh


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