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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Nationwide Boys!

The City of London is keen to hand out bonuses of gargantuan magnitude, even if those receiving them have been proven to be palpable failures at their jobs. It's all party of the Blairite "acceptable face of capitalism" theme. Norman Tebbit, the arch-Thatcherite, was moved to say on Question Time that these payments were not acceptable.

Now the trough guzzlers at the Nationwide Building Society, which was fined a whopping £980,000 fine for lapses in data security, will not have to pay the fine imposed on them. Nationwide has apparently told the BBC that it "would not be fair" if the directors paid the fine. So corporate responsibility goes out of the window along with the data! These are the people who should know better. The Nationwide used to be the Co-operative Building Society, a link with the past that is totally expunged from the society today.

From Co-op Online - "The UK's Nationwide Building Society started life in 1884 as the Co-operative Permanent Building Society."

After a laptop was stolen from an employee's home in August, it took three weeks before the society realised the extent and sensitivity of the customer details on the computer. Did nobody care to ask? "Oh, Wilkins, your laptop got stolen. Don't worry, get another from Supplies!"

Is it any wonder that the Country is going peculiar in parts, if those at the top have little or no regard for doing things properly?


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