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Monday, February 19, 2007

PM? Pensions Mayhem!

In the classic comedy The Blood Donor, Tony Hancock was bemoaning the fact that Cliff Richard earned ten times as much as the Prime Minister. Answering his own questions, he rather witheringly says "I suppose it all depends on whether you like Cliff Richard and what your politics are!"

Many years later, we have a Prime Minister who is seemingly hell bent on earning, or amassing, ten times as much as Cliff Richard. Now we hear that the oily toe-rag will escape the punitive new taxes on pensions which he and his crony ministers imposed on other Britons. Whilst most of us look forward to a pension hell (companies failing to do justice to their workers, Gordon Brown taxing the funds), Blair has worked a nice little earner on the side, securing his own bottom line.

Preposterous is a word that comes to mind. Somehow I think we as a country have been beguiled by a grinning conman, but then that might be a bit too harsh. Perhaps he means well. He wants to do good -really! It just all seems that it is going in his own personal direction.

Does he think it right and proper to obtain a £5 million advance on his memoirs, when we all know too well what has happened in the last ten years without being reminded. It is said that his properties (the latest costing £800,000) are being financed with mortgages secured on this advance. Not exactly what the majority of citizens are capable of doing. When Blair came to office, it was partly as a result of rubbishing the premiership of John Major and his stewardship of the country. Tory sleaze was the New Labour mantra. Well, whatever Major presided over, Blair has succeded in presiding over a slurry pit full of dodgy stuff. Poacher turned gamekeeper? Neither the poacher nor the gamekeeper would be at all comfortable with this carry-on!


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