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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Weasel Words and 2020 Vision (In Focus?)

I've just seen Charles Clarke and Alan Milburn on Newsnight. A couple of political charlatans. I'm not sure which is worse. I think Milburn just tops it in being the best for weasel words and double meanings. If their new website is just about policy direction then I am probably in company with many others in thinking this is rubbish. They contradicted themselves by being totally at odds with whether it was about leadership. It is, we know it is, and they don't want Brown.

My inclination is that it would be better to let these discredited cretins fight it out like ferrets in a sack, but that may not be the best for the country. What would be best for the country is to have a general election, because this lot has been found out big time. They have fiddled the NHS accounts, fiddled the local government funds, fiddled the pensions, fiddled the army procurement budget, fiddled.......the list goes on.
They have compiled dodgy dossiers, they have created a fiasco in law and order (tough on the causes of crime? what about being tough on the whereabouts of the criminals?), and given us a monumental headache in Iraq!
Yet all we get is more and more weasel words. Sorry, I've upset the weasel! Let's be fair to the weasel. These are Blairite words. They beat weasel words any day!


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