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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Beckett's Expediency

Margaret Becket no longer believes in democracy! Or, at least, as far as the Labour Leadership is concerned. She is in favour of expediency. Political expediency. "I hold the view that Gordon is the person who should be the next prime minister," she said. "I think that the good thing would be if he is able to concentrate on what that will mean and what he needs to do to help to take this country forwards to even greater success." So stuff the wishes of the Labour membership.

The real reason is that Labour is up the creek without a financial paddle. Even the cash for honours hasn't done them much good. So let's dispense with the cost and bother of an election.

Apparently the NEC supports the idea of Gordon running around the country on election hustings as the only candidate for leadership. What an idea! This is New Labour's way of smoothing a grumpy-minded man. Personally, I now think Brown would be a disaster. Whereas Blair in a tight spot grits his teeth and says "Well....yeah...look!" I think Brown would just be a scowling menace. Best that they both go and give someone really new a chance. A sort of New Improved New Labour. It works for washing powders!


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