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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Shoot First! Ask Questions Later?

I saw on the BNP website that there was a fatal shooting in Utrecht. What I found hard to believe is the claim that there was an apparent cover-up by the authorities. It seems a white Dutchman went to the aid of a pregnant white Dutch woman, who was being molested at knifepoint by a gang of immigrant young people. The chap in question, Rinie Mulder, a 54-year old man with motives which appear none other than genuine took the knife from one of the attackers, but was shot for his troubles by an approaching policeman. He died later in hospital.

What troubles me is that authorities in the Netherlands could be so stupid as to try to cover this all up. It was said that the story has not been reported on Dutch television or in the newspapers. However, the BNP has got hold of it, and I don't know whether the story has been embellished or not to suit their purposes. The story appears on lots of blogs and online tabloids, most denouncing the killing and pointing out the attitude of the Dutch authorities towards this part of Utrecht. What I do know is that parts of society in the Netherlands, as much as in the UK and other Western countries, is so up its own self with political correctness, that innocent people are suffering for the sake of the mindless PC Fascists.
However, when I check to see if Dutch newspapers are reporting the story I find they are. De Telegraaf has this, where a march in memory of Rinie Mulder is reported. 'Zinloos geweld, vijf meter afstand, waarom?' is on a banner. Basically, it translates as "Senseless violence, five metres distance, Why?" and Algemeen Dagblad has reported the story too!
So the the whole thing here, it seems to me, is that when it comes to police "accidents" regarding inflamed situations involving immigrant communities vis-a-vis host communities, it would be much better for the facts to be addressed asap rather that hidden. It is the "going to ground" of the authorities that assists those with a hidden agenda!


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