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Friday, April 13, 2007

Maybe a good hiding instead!

Tony Blair is urging voters to resist the temptation to give him one final "kicking" in May's Scottish elections. The prime minister said he would be gone soon but Scotland would have to live with the "consequences" of an SNP government for many years.

Hold on a minute, Mr.Tony! In your 10 years at the helm you've been nothing short of a simpering disaster. The only thing that has enabled you to retain power is a fractured opposition. Other than that we've been subjected to the most inept government ever to befall the British people.

It was of course Mr.Tony and his New Labour Fright Regime that imposed the Scottish Parliament on the UK. So if the people of Scotland want to vote for the SNP is the PM suggesting they can't. It's called democracy. But then New Labour isn't keen on democracy unless they can manipulate things. I don't want to see an SNP government in Scotland, but the way New Labour has trashed the constitution, well, anything can happen!


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