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Friday, June 15, 2007

Blair! What a...........

I've been off the air so to speak for about a month. Blogging took a back seat, I'm afraid, partly because I had both children down with chicken pox, one after the other. Plus a new job in the family, etc, etc, all taking my mind off things. All of which doesn't imply that my mind is not buzzing with indignation and incredulity a lot of the time. In fact, I've got a month's load of buzz to cope with.

It wouldn't be normal if Blair didn't pop into the brain cells for a probing. This time the weasel is telling the country he's not about to stitch us up. The Sun newspaper has him rumbled. This is what George Pascoe-Watson, the Political Editor reckons Blair's "tidying up" EU Constitution will include -

A PERMANENT EU President with 3,500 staff.
UNELECTED European judges getting unprecedented powers to set UK law.
BRITAIN surrendering its seat on the UN Security Council.
AN EU foreign minister representing the UK on international issues.
SLASHING Britain’s voting powers by a THIRD.
GIVING UP for good Britain’s hard-won veto on EU directives.
BOWING to EU laws on criminal justice and policing.
A RAFT of job-destroying shopfloor laws.
DESTROYING the City’s reputation as the world’s greatest money market.
HANDING the European Commission the power to meddle in any part of British laws it chooses.

Now even if half this was true, you'd think Blair would have the decency to tell us. But no. Is it any wonder that the citizens of the UK are not just a tad Euro-sceptic but exceedingly Blair-sceptic. The Sun has done us a favour highlighting what this spiv is attempting to do.

Why did we let him become Prime Minister? Well, it was not the majority of us but that majority is completely divided in what to do about him and his New Labour agenda. Think about it! Only 20% of the total electorate gave Blair the benefit of their vote in 2005. Maybe some of them are regretting it. But can't the 80% do something to see he doesn't stitch us up?


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