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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gordon the Spinner!

Gordon Brown has just become Prime Minister, announcing to the world that he wants change. This, put simply, implies the guy before made mistakes. But whilst Mr Tony could tell a few porkies, he didn't appear to tell them as well as Gordon.

"I think at all times I've tried to be straight with the British people," Gordon Brown told BBC editors recently. Which implies that he hasn't always been. It's a typical Brown statement. Sounds so reassuring. But by using the word "try" he has allowed himself to feel he is not implying he was always truthful, when he knew at times he may not have been!

Panorama revealed on Monday (I've only just watched the programme tonight) that Brown told John Humphrys on the Today programme that he never knew that Bernie Ecclestone gave a £million to the Labour Party (when he did!). He was caught lying. For a son of the manse his inate ability to decieve comes as quite a shock. I always thought Brown was more or less OK on this, in the sense that out and out lying was not his scene. Panorama gave a different impression.

So, two days in, and it's all the same. Changed for two minutes, basically!


It gets worse


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