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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I know what's best for you!

The chief man of the EU babel tower, that ever so keen democrat Jose Manuel Barroso, has told EU members not to block progress towards an EU treaty. He thinks that would not be in their interest. This is the man who poo-pooed the result of the French and Dutch referendums. The man who thinks No means Yes, and Yes means "I knew you would see my point of view!".

The EU is run by people who care little for national sovereignty, care little about the institutions of ancient countries. They want a brave new world of central command where being a big fish in a big pond (where the pond suits the big fish!) is all the rage. The UK and Poland are apparently sticking out against all this and are opposed to key elements of the treaty, with Warsaw against changes to voting rules. Barroso can't take this. It is against his natural instincts as a big fish.

Perhaps Barroso should read Animal Farm by George Orwell? That might shake him out of his control tendencies and set him on a path of sincere respect for democracy, rather than having a lofty disdain for it!


Poor Marianne, Liberty & de Nederlandse Maagd. Sad to say Maagd no more it is feared - They told him no, but the sly Barroso knows women really want him and only say no to tease, no matter how they protest.

Now he has had his way and collected a few scratches will the jury believe the girls in the witness box, or the suave Barroso.

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