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Monday, June 18, 2007

Sex and the City

It seems that the sort of things you see at the bottom of ponds are alive and well in the City of London. Last night I watched a very good programme on BBC2. It was all about sex discrimination in a bank. The sort that buy and sell "money" for clients whose greed and vulgarity know no bounds. We've only just had a whistleblower programme revealing the darker side of Barclays Bank. I wonder if the sort of things Barclays limply tried to say they knew nothing about are still going on (especially in their Guildford branch!).

The BBC show outlined how ghastly these social misfits are. Most of them have little or no morals, and they have a thin veneer under which are desperately lonely people fuelled only by their inadequacy to break out from the greed treadmill. Interestly, the main character in this fictional tale (although based on a whole raft of testimony) was a woman whose mindset was changed by pregnancy. The men were portrayed as, well, not very nice to say the least.

"Daddy what do you do at work?" "Well, son, when I leave home I become a bastard, I treat people with utter disdain and contempt. Personally, I trust nobody, but at least I earn millions. That's why we live in a big house. I have to feel tough, and responsible, and in charge. But making money and riding roughshod over people, if I have to, and mostly I do, is what it is about. However, when I come home, I'm Daddy, so..............."

These people make Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide look like amateurs. I'm very pleased that we are now beginning to lift the lid on their activities. It's only a pity that the Blairite regime saw no reason to. Probably because they emulate most of it.

Sarah Parish was excellent as the woman caught up in the quagmire of deceipt and greed. But the four actors playing the principle characters in the office were great too. Brilliant depictions of how these types behave. If you haven't seen it, it's on Virgin Media's "Catch-up TV".

Apparently there is a huge sexual discrimination claim worth more than $1bn currently being brought against a major investment bank in London and New York as a class action for 500 women. I wonder if this bank has similar people working in it. Most of the cases end in gagging clauses, which implies the banks don't lend themselves to truth and transparity anyway. Last night's example showed an offer of £500,000 go shooting up in minutes to £3million. Money is meaningless to them. Power, corruption, and greed have entered their souls.

If you meet an investment banker at a party or some other function be very wary. Whilst not all are surely bad, a lot are living with Lucifer!


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