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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bishop loses gay employment case

A gay man has won his case for unlawful discrimination after he was refused a youth official's job by a Church of England bishop. The man in question, John Reaney, had told the tribunal hearing his case that he was left "very embarrassed and extremely upset" following the meeting with the Bishop of Hereford and said he felt like "a total waste of space". Those were his thoughts, but he knew very well before he went for the job what the position of the Church of England is. Whilst some Anglicans may blur the boundaries of faith, the traditional teaching is that a homosexual lifestyle is incompatible with adherence to the Faith.

This is very much a battle of secularism against the professed claims of the Church. The floodgates have been opened by New Labour, that paragon of all things muddled. I liked Germaine Greer's recent remark about Tony Blair's attempt to ingratiate himself with the Pope. She claimed, as a self-style "atheistic Catholic" herself, that the Roman Catholic Church saw Blair as "doctrinally confused".

New Labour is giving us confusing laws, which when interpreted by the legal system, leave one side feeling bruised. The Bishop of Hereford should appeal, otherwise the secularists will come knocking for another issue to wrestle with.


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