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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

By-Election Blues?

The two parliamentary by-elections in Ealing-Southall and Sedgefield are hotting up. The parties are racing to get their candidates selected and nominated before it's too late. In Southall it's beginning to look like a case of which is the best Indian. I looked around various blogs and game up with this gem!

"No Sikhs are going to vote for a bloke called Nigel."

Oh dear! Looks like the Liberal Democrats have failed to impress this particular person. The blogger also points out very succinctly -

"Respect are seen as ‘Shariah Socialists’ so no Sikhs are going to vote for them either."

Shariah Socialists? Like Kosher Socialists? or Catholic Socialists? Now Christian Socialists I do know. A lot hang about in the Church of England! Why not Sikh Socialists as well?

But there is little respect for the Tories -

"Tony Lit will flop." - Looks like David Cameron will need all the visits he can pack into a tight agenda!


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