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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cultural chaos

If there is hypocrisy from people about Jacqui Smith's cannabis admission, then there is mountains of it with those who commit "honour" killings. Two thugs , who were the father and uncle of Banaz Mahmod, killed in the name of supposed honour. This young woman had fallen in love. They ordered her execution because they believed she had shamed the family by falling in love with the wrong man. Who were they to condemn her?

They raped and tortured her. In the name of what, precisely? Surely not Islam? There are far too many in this country with a perverted sense of village honour. Cannot one imam get up to say how wretched this all is? Those who think like this, even if they do not go as far as to commit murder, need to be told it is evil, let alone incompatible with a democratic society.

An accomplice had said "I swear to God it took more than two hours. Her soul would not leave her body - it took over half an hour. I swear to God, my foot was on her back. I was kicking or stamping on her neck to get her soul out." And he thought God would want him stamping on her neck like that? What a perversion!

We must rid society of this menace. All decent Muslims must do something to serve the memory of Banaz Mahmod, a woman who died at the hands of those who were kin but had themselves mortgaged their own souls.


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