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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fourth of July

Yesterday was the Fourth of July, Independence Day in the USA. I've celebrated three such days in my life (in the US that is) and thoroughly enjoyed the party spirit each time. There was virtually no talk about George Washington, or the "British are coming", or any real reference to history. Each one was just a fun day celebrating freedom. I sort of thought at the time that maybe the British themselves may have wanted similar freedoms, but were lumbered with Lord North and his successors. It was a different route we took.

Americans have two great holidays, the other being Thanksgiving, which again is treated as an allcomers event. And as I quite like turkey, with all the fixings, this day is a treat for me too! The Fourth of July is not, it seems, considered an exclusively American celebration. Selfridges in Birmingham were selling all kinds of American food items and fancy goods, so that we could join in the fun at home. They didn't say having an American round was an essential aspect for such a party.

And my musings end here by saying that when I was in California some time ago on the Fourth of July, I couldn't help but look up at the parched dry hills, knowing we were as far away from Paul Revere's stomping ground as he was from London. California and the American Revolution? It's a bit like celebrating Christmas in Australia. You have to get your mind around a few mental obstacles.


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