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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Galloway suspended

The House of Commons has voted to suspend George Galloway for 18 days. His suspension was the result of him "concealing the true source of Iraqi funding" and "calling into question" the integrity of standards watchdogs. During an hour long defence of his position, Galloway had a number of run-ins with the Speaker.

Hansard reveals some of the flavour of the debate. My take is that Galloway, although one to embroider his words, has got something on the hypocrisy of it all. Andrew Robathan, Conservative MP for Blaby, iniated the suspension proceedings by complaining about Galloway. Robathan is something of an Iraq enthusiast too!

Reading the Hansard report, certain characters having a go at Galloway have murky pasts themselves. If Galloway is a bit lively with the truth, what does it say of Tony Blair, erstwhile member for Sedgefield. Dodgy dossiers, cash for peerages, and tennis with Tony come to mind.

When it comes to taking on members as with the Committee on Standards and Privileges, it is a strong-minded person that defies their authority. George Galloway was probably the only member who thought it worth a try.

I wonder if they are going to investigate the leak? The one the Commissioner appeared so vague about!

Do read Hansard. It's every bit as riveting as the spectacle on Capitol Hill. (Video)


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