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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Home Secretary smoked cannabis!

That's the headline in every paper and on every TV news programme it seems. Top news story with the BBC. I wonder how many former pot smokers the BBC has? This is all a nonsensical load of rubbish. Who amongst us has not done something untoward in our early years? Jacqui Smith should be held to account for her work as Home Secretary, not for her student days.

This country has a huge amount of latent hypocrisy bubbling under the surface. If I remember some of the things I did at that age, well I cringe at the thought. I saw Alastair Stewart of ITN rather pompously ask Ms Smith about this. What were his student days like? Paragon of virtue, no doubt.

Every day, as we get older, we should try to behave better and learn from experience. The fact that we DO misbehave, or do illegal things, or just simply make mistakes as we grow up, does not mean we cannot work towards a better society later on.

So I say to the pompous questioners - leave well alone. This is a non story in content. It's just hyped up by the media, and they have a few oddballs in their midst. Ms Smith should not concern herself with this ridiculous pastime created by the media.

It's just a case of casting the first stone.


I'd be more worried if she hadn't taken cannabis.

If the previous incumbents (Reid, Clarke and Blunkett) had been forced to take cannabis therapeutically then the country would be in less of a mess than it is now.

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