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Monday, July 30, 2007

Warning shot for hotels over gay couples

It was just waiting to happen! Muslim or Christian guest house owners who refuse to accept homosexual couples must impose a "sleeping together ban" on all other guests, the Government says. It's typical of New Labour. Sort of Basil Fawlty without the comic touch.

With their hell-bent desire to turn Britain into a secularist society, probably with the end result of privatising religion along Chinese lines, we are going to get more of this nonsense. What, I do not know, was wrong with live and let live? The Archbishop of Canterbury may like to look out of his window at Lambeth Palace to see if anybody is fiddling around with a pile of kindling and loose timbers.

I wonder what Gordon Brown's reverend father would make of it all? "What's all this about Gordon? Why do guest houses require a Government Sleeping Together Ban? And what is it all about?"

Explain in pithy sentences, Gordon!


It seems a reasonable position for the government to take if you ask me. It treats all religions evenly and doesn't legislate against purely one of them, and compromises with people of such strong beliefs that they can have there policy, providing they have the same policy with all relationships. Seems very fair and even handed to me.

Surely if a staunch Christian/Muslim guest house owner has such an issue with a gay couple, they'd also have an issue with an unmarried couple sleeping together in their guest house? Yet this is not raised by them as an issue in any guest house I've ever heard of (presumably because they’d go out of business) and exposes the hypocrisy that most of these people who have "religious objections" have.

I thought "Live and let live" was a philosophy of being tolerant of one another? Refusing to sell goods and services to certain members of society who are doing nothing illegal doesn't seem to meet that philosophy to me.

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