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Friday, August 31, 2007

Labour election landslide predicted

Can this country be so foolish as to give the Labour Party yet another term in office? One based on only a fraction of the electorate giving whole-hearted support. Labour has governed, if that is the right word, but is leading us into a financial mire without much hope, it seems.

Remember, this is a party with the likes of Tony Blair, spinning and spivving. Gordon Brown and his stealth taxes. Geoff Hoon and his apologies for the Iraq War. John Prescott heaving and grunting on his office floor. Jack Straw, the ever-oily wordsmith, who could prove black was white just by outtalking you!

The lacklustre abilities of that frightful man, Des Browne, who has no clue as to what the fighting in Iraq is all about. Yvette Cooper and her HIPS! Oh, and not forgetting Tony McNulty who appears to have taken instructions in prison management from Will Hay.

Today YouGov says in a poll that Labour is maintaining its eight-point lead over the Tories, by 41% to 33%, from last month. Who on earth are these people? Wait till they want to get their hands on a decent pension, only to be told there isn't one? I could go on, but the list is endless.

Labour is not fit to run the country. Never has been and never will be. The trouble is that, with all three main parties now trumpeting a corporate economy, the incumbent party more or less has to begin destroying the country before it can be shifted.

Incompetence no longer registers on the electorate's radar!


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