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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Farming Today

Yet another Surrey farm has yielded to the foot and mouth disease. The farmer sees his herd culled. The ever-knowing Debbie Reynolds, Chief Veterinary Officer, carries on in her official capacity discussing how farmers "should check their herds" etc, etc.

What about the professor back at his government sponsored laboratory? Has he mended that pipe yet? I bet he's not said sorry. No, can't say that! He might land himself up before the Never Apologise Adjudication Committee, which oversees those who may admit to something and cause "responsibility" to kick in.

Funny how the Chancellor is desperately trying to curry favour with bank depositors. Why can't Hilary Benn get his act together and give the farmers FULL COMPENSATION for this horrendous outbreak of negligence by scientific people who saw this coming?

Maybe he's been leant on, like the Governor of the Bank of England. The latest opinion poll suggests the people of Britain are quite happy with the economic stewardship of the New Labour machine. Perhaps these pollsters ask those who are definitely NOT farmers, flood victims, bank depositors, pension victims, and a whole host of others being subjected to the crazy form filling and ludicrous targets of one Gordon Brown!


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