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Friday, September 28, 2007

It's All Balls and Cooper!

Don't you just love New Labour. Full of sanctimonious hypocrites. Ed Balls, the guy who kept encouraging Gordon Brown to have a bop at Tony, is up to his neck in sleezy monetary greed. No longer a socialist, if he ever was one, this guy, along with his wife, Yvette Cooper, is exploiting Commons expenses rules to buy a £655,000 home and get their children into a top state school. And only a few days ago he had the brass whatsits to claim David Cameron was so much the toff he was out of touch.

Get real, Ed! You and your missus have been found out abusing the system for your own selfish ends.

The pair, who were both promoted by Gordon Brown, have registered their four-bedroom North London house as a 'second home' under parliamentary rules, which entitles them to allowances of up to £44,000 a year to subsidise their £438,000 mortgage. As Channel Four Despatches programme said "Nice Work If You can get It".

No wonder the New Labour lot got rid of socialism. Their form of pecuniary gain is both sly and cynical. Any self-respecting socialist would have seen them for what they are - POLITICAL HYPOCRITES!

It is up to all candidates in opposition parties to expose the New Labour greed at the forthcoming general election. It is only a pity that there are Conservative MPs (such as David Maclean, who disreputably brought in a Bill that would keep public scrutiny of MPs expenses at bay!) and Liberal Democrat MPs who go along with this abuse.

We need reform of the House of Commons not the House of Lords. What is honourable about using large quantities of taxpayers money to feather one's own nest? All voters should quiz their MPs vigorously and demand answers.

I hope those electors considering voting for Ed Balls or Yvette Cooper at the election grill them INTENSIVELY about these abuses.


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