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Monday, September 10, 2007

Queen may be scrapped from UK passports

If you ever thought that the EU was NOT an interferring organisation, then think again! Those meddling pointy-heads, sitting in Brussels offices funded by money that they can't account for in any shape or form that would pass basic accountancy rules, have decided to mess with our passports!

Under new changes inserted into the new-fangled version of the Constitution already rejected by both France and the Netherlands in referendums, it has been suggested that the coat of arms is scrapped and replaced by the EU emblem of 12 stars with the message underneath reading - "Every citizen of the Union".

The idea being that if people from other EU countries come to Britain, the passport tells them that they will be looked after as if they were British. Has it occurred to these marbles-free brainheads that the obvious conclusion to all this is that national embassies would therefore be REDUNDANT? What would an embassy do if its nationals' interests were being looked after by the host country with all the care and attention of the natives? "Don't worry Mr. Ambassador Sir! Senor This, Messieur That, Herr There, Signor Here, is being assisted admirably by our highly-trained EU visitor hosts. Nothing to concern yourself with."

Embassies would be nothing more than trade contact units! Sounds to me like yet more ratcheting of the Superstate noose.

More reasons to have a referendum ourselves.


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