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Friday, September 21, 2007

Villagers back EU referendum call

So it's democracy, but not as we know it! According to Simon Cross, chairman of East Stoke Parish Council, where a referendum has been held to ascertain whether another national referendum on the EU Treaty/Constitution should be held, democracy has been usurped. "The parish is being used to bring publicity to this politically-motivated procedure", he bemoans. Blimey! Where's he been in the last ten years. If he wants politically-motivated procedures, he need look no further than the Blair Years.

When the Great Grocer devised the Local Government Act of 1972 (an act that butchered half of England's historic counties for no other purpose than to satisfy the desires of big-brother government), he probably never thought this piece of legislation, offering referendums to electors in parish councils, would be used to derail his vision of a European utopia. But 80 of 333 on the electoral roll turned out - 72 voted yes and eight no. Overwhelming, I'd say. The poll was instigated by UKIP, taking up their democratic rights. What's wrong with that?

And before Mr. Cross, or any other politico complains, let's all remember that Gordon Bean and his lot are in with only 20% of the total UK electorate's support. This poll was a 24% turnout. I've seen similar turnouts in local elections, and the big chiefs never said they wouldn't accept the result!

Of the people who did vote, 90% said yes to a referendum. No wonder Brown is sitting tight, mumbling about the right of the House of Commons to determine such questions. Nice coming from a part-time MP with a dodgy mandate!


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