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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bottled Vision - A Vintage?

Gordon Brown burbled some message to Andrew Marr along the lines that he had "a vision" for the country. Perhaps he might start with the freaky behaviour of the police, who seem to think they are doing the bidding of the New Labour Thought Police.

Down in Bournemouth during the Labour Party conference, the boys in blue were hyped up pretty good! They were taking no chances with the locals, let alone any terrorist suspect. In fact, according to Bournemouth Police terrorist suspects AND the locals are very much the same.

Bob Hamlen, 47, and Michael Burbidge, 31, were stunned when they were surrounded by uniformed officers as they sat on a bench outside the Westcliff Tavern in West Cliff Road, Bournemouth. Why were the police interested in them? Because apparently they had been "watching" some officers. Well blow me down! I think if I was sitting outside a pub and the Labour Party conference was in full swing opposite I might be intrigued with the goings on.

Michael is partially paralysed in the legs. Ideal terrorist material! Instead of coming over to talk with the two men, the over-zealous cops got them down to the station for a 45-minute grilling and then did their flats over.

Do the police today ever stop to think before they act? If this is the level of service we are getting, then Gordon Brown should get Jacqui Smith in tomorrow morning and get her to weed out all this nonsense, once and for all!

These guys were arrested under the Terrorism Act. Their names will go now onto the police database indefinitely. What an outrage in a so-called democratic society.


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