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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Field of Nine....and more

The Republican Party in the USA is just getting into gear for next year's Presidential election. A veritable bunch they are, the candidates that is. Some on a second or third time round, like John McCain, others just in for a couple of weeks, like Fred Thompson. I watched a bit of it and wondered which I thought I liked best. After all, this election isn't just for Americans, it matters to lots of other people too! Not for nothing British troops are slogging along in Iraq.

Some of the answers on Iraq were risible. Fred Thompson still has thoughts about WMD. John McCain said the war was not about oil then later implied it was. Guilani implied that Osama Bin Laden represented a nation (which one I'm not sure - probably Hidincaveistan!) so the US were OK going after him wherever. And there was a bit of flakiness over the debt crisis.

I listened to Ron Paul. I thought he was quite good. Of all the candidates he addressed the problems that Americans face today and he seems keen to try to solve them. If I had a vote I'd vote for him. Americans need someone to look after their problems not sell them fake patriotism and false hope.

I liked this little exchange. Fred Thompson was the target of a joke by Mitt Romney, who likened the former actor's late entry into the Republican presidential contest to Law & Order. "It has a huge cast. The series seems to go on forever. And Fred Thompson shows up at the end," Mr Romney said. "And to think I was going to be the best actor on the stage," Mr Thompson retorted.
It can only get better, folks!


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