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Monday, October 22, 2007

Murphy's Law?

Jim Murphy, the Europe Minister, seems to be working on a battery based energy system. He's wired up to go on autospeak whenever the EU Treaty/Constitution is mentioned. His deadpan delivery could wear down even the most ardent eurosceptic. He could bore the pants off anybody. Even George Galloway would end up frustrated. A garrulous talkative Scot outvoiced by a lugubrious monotoned Scot. Wow!

Murphy could take on the brief that a red herring was in fact a white elephant. It would all sound extremely plausible. Any gainsaying of the fact that the two are in no way the same would be dismissed as political pointscoring or opportunism. We'd be long dead from mental torture listening to this drone.

Murphy must be the most prized kind of politician for any devious Prime Minister. Brown gets a fellow part-time MP (Scots have devolution, don't you know!), who has all the right memory skills, to run around TV and radio studios delivering his memorised texts. He's worse than a ventriloquist's dummy! At least with the dummy the vent can be put off his stride. This is more like a doll that has a string to be pulled at the back.

"The EU treaty is not like the constitution. It is something completely diffferent. It is no worse than Maastrict. I like it. You don't. I'm Jim Murphy!"

Let's pull the string again. Oh! Please no, we've all had enough.


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