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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Not Wrong, eh?

Well, I wasn't that far out. Blair comes in at #10 on the list of The Right's 100 Most Influential! The Telegraph seems surprised. Can't think why, as Blair has done all he can to water down socialism to such a point that it is barely legal for the Labour Party to exist!

Apopletic fits from all and sundry in the Old Labour heartlands. Blair is a Tory, or more accurately a Right-Wing Opportunist. He could have been a High Church High Tory like Lord Halifax, a previous Foreign Secretary, except Blair is far too machievellian for that.

The rest on the list appear fairly much as you'd expect. Ian Paisley is definitely of the Right. My main thought is - are these people influential with each other or with the voting public? Boris Johnson, I suppose, is both. It seems hard to see Lord Ashcroft as being anywhere near influential with the public. Lord Who? they will say!

Some of the comments about those that get on the list are a bit...well, influenced!

48. NIGEL FARAGE MEP Leader, United Kingdom Independence Party
Charismatic and unfailingly ebullient, Farage was seen as the man to take UKIP onto the next stage. Instead, he’s presided over a Party that has leaked members, is virtually bankrupt and failed in its stated aim to attract large numbers of Tories disaffected by Cameron’s soft approach to hard core issues.

If Farage was doing well, he’d be in the top thirty on this list.

If the Telegraph thinks he should be in the Top Thirty what does it say about all the hapless ones below him on the list? This is all a bit of fun, but not terribly important. It's no more indicative of influence than the Eurovision Song Contest is on songwriting!


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