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Friday, October 26, 2007

Shifty wifty ways of the three bad bears!!

I think all three major parties are behaving like cheats and spinners on the matter of the EU Treaty/Constitution.

The Conservatives airily suggest that they will vote for a referendum on the EU Treaty but will not support the idea of unravelling all this mess if they get to government. They also have little or no response worth considering on their refusal to have a referendum on Maastricht.

The New Labour lot under Brown talk of red lines and that they will not countenance ANY MORE integration for ten years. This prattish policy does not say what they will do after 10 years. The red lines only last for five years, so all Brown's puffy huffing is baloney. His policy will fall apart.

The LibDems creepily talk about a vote on the concept of Europe but refuse a referendum on the Treaty.

They should all stand in the corner for a week!

The British public basically does not what interference or coercion from outside. They do want a free and enterprising Europe, for unrestricted travel and business activity. But the EU is like a maiden aunt checking up on teenage hanky-panky. Brussels can't help but listen at the door to hear what's going on!

And yes, most of us who are anti-EU are NOT anti-European. This is a petty accusation that dimwits like Nick Harvey MP keep saying. “This issue could be overstated, but should not be dismissed out of hand.” He said that if UKIP were to stage a revival and campaigned hard on the issue, it could swing some votes. He went on to say that those for a referendum were anti-European.

Maybe he's anti-British. How do I know? Probably he would say he was anti-British government as portrayed by New Labour.

So easy to be misunderstood, eh Nicky, old boy!!!!!



When and in what context do you reckon I made the comments you atrtibute to me?

Nick Harvey

Apology posted! Sorry for my errant ways. I was rushing it off before checking the piece over.

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