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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Weasel words from Vaz!

Listen to this! What a wonderful weaseler that Vaz is. He knows diddly squat about immigration, apart from his own, but comes on spouting New Labour gobblygook about whatever the Government is up to.

Any wonder politicians are thought to be running their own agendas? The majority of the public what to know if this country is going to be able to cope with such an increase in the population. It isn't racist, it is'nt opportunist, it is just plain common sense. People from all backgrounds what to know what the government is up to. If they pussyfoot, it will only be to the advantage of those with a less desirable political message.

On "The Daily Politics" Keith Vaz weaseled wonderfully on the topic of immigration. Unlike Brian Hanrahan who "counted them all out and I counted them all back" during the Falklands War, New Labour CANNOT count any immigrant. They know nothing but say loads of rubbish.

Watch it and weep!


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