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Friday, November 09, 2007

Blair's Chinese Chatters

Tony Blair hasn't been out of office long, but by this time next year he could be a multi-millionaire just by waffling the time away at other people's expense. He has been accused of "gold-digging" and "money-sucking" after he reportedly charged £240,000 for giving a speech in China. 40 years ago if you'd told the Labour Party that this would be the way an ex-Prime Minister from their ranks would behave, they'd have thought you barking mad.

So it seems now that politics is just a way to make money. How depressing!

Although some Chinese thought it an honour, the China Youth Daily said "It was like listening to some domestic county or city-level official making a report, and his viewpoints did not have too many new ideas. That being the case, why did the local political and business sector spend such a huge sum of money to 'buy' this speech, and was it worth it?"

Many in the UK may well say the same for the shenanigans of the last ten years.


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