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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dodgy Donors

Gordon Brown, the part-time MP job sharing with an MSP, is in a real bind. He gets the Labour Party to announce that the only person who knew of the dodgy dealings with a property man, David Abrahams, was the General Secretary, Peter Watt. This turns out to be bogus nonsense of the first order. Now we find out that Harriet Harman took cash from Abrahams via an intermediary, that Hilary Benn knew of these dubious dealings but turned a donation down and that Baroness Jay was well versed in Abrahams and his money "laundering", (or was he just hanging it out to dry?).

Last night on Newsnight, the ever ready Geoff Hoon, who makes Humpty Dumpty's use of English seem inadequate, was trying his best to put a different light on true facts. Much to Jeremy Paxman's surprise Hoon had the brass neck to say he saw things "differently". Asked whether the Prime Minister had full confidence in Harriet Harman, Hoon said yes. When it was pointed out to him that the PM was asked 7 times to state this, and that it was only on the seventh that Brown reluctantly said he did, Hoon flatly dismissed it all by saying he saw the transcript differently. Geoff Hoon's understanding of truth has been honed in another galaxy.

But what on earth is the Labour Party thinking of? They knew this David Abrahams was hanging about Labour meetings, he was known to quite a lot in the hierachy, and he has an active desire to see his planning applications succeed. Does Gordon Brown think we are all morons? The story is one full of deceit, spin, and dissembling. And they still haven't found someome to take Sir Alistair Graham's place as Chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life after SIX MONTHS. So much for wanting to put integrity back into public life!

I hope the police take a serious interest in all this. Slag heaps come to mind.


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