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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lifestyle Choices

They say parking attendants can be bolshie buggers at the best of times. But then there are those who park in very improper places, so it probably needs a person with the patience of a saint to patrol the streets and car parks checking that all is in order. The only thing I think is missing from the parking enforcement "industry" is common sense.

In Leicester, a certain Laura Howard, heavily pregnant with child, decided to go to her local Tesco. She parked in a baby and child bay. She thought this was OK. Not so. She got a £90 penalty for it. When she complained to Tesco, they were sympathetic but took the Pontius Pilate route to problem solving. They advised her that all parking matters were handled by Safe Park UK, who lease the land from Tesco. Enter Brian Walker, operations manager for Safe Park UK. When Ms Howard contacted this company he was mindful to say "There are signs saying that if you park here and you don't have a child then you will be fined and this lady did not have a child. Pregnancy is not a disability. It is a lifestyle choice and these bays are aimed at being wider for buggies." He went on about the law and such.

Well, Mr. Walker, I suggest you get a grip and show a little compassion and common sense next time. You were the the result of your own mother's "lifestyle choice". Hope you weren't a big baby!

Tesco have done the decent thing and paid the fine. However, Mr. Walker is sticking to his method's of motherhood control.

Which makes me think what sort of innkeeper Brian Walker would have made on the first Christmas Night. "Sorry, there's no room at the inn. Pregnancy is a lifestyle choice, you know."

Do times change?


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