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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Black UKIP executive receives death threat

Whatever next for the party that rumbles from crisis to crisis, it seems. UKIP has a leader who offers great potential for showing up the lack of democratic accountability in the EU project. They have some good policies. However, they have some odd characters floating around in the party's structure.

Delroy Young, the only black executive within the UK Independence Party, received a telephone death threat in which several men threatened to kill him, allegedly on the orders of a senior executive of the party. A UKIP spokesman said, “We are glad this has been reported to the police and hopefully they can track it to the people responsible. If they are members of the party or connected to it they won’t be for very long. But it is too far-fetched for words that someone senior in the party ordered anyone to do this.”

A spokesman for Leicestershire police said, “I can confirm we are investigating one report of harrassment at an address in Hinckley.”

The problem smaller political parties face, particular if they are seen as a potential electoral threat to the main parties, is the possibility of cranks, gadflies, and miscreants joining in order to cause trouble. UKIP needs to weed out those who are not seen as supporting the party's core beliefs and principles.

It may all be a malicious hoax, in which case, now that the police have traced the mobile phone numbers, the culprits will be identified and lessons learned. If strangers to UKIP, they can point out that some outsider wants the party harmed. If they are known to UKIP, then measures can be taken to remove them from the party.


Hinkley has a large black and asian population and a lot of racial tension as a result. It's just as likely to be someone outside of the party making threats against Delroy because he's a black public figure as it is to be someone from inside the party. There are a few people out there who devote all their spare time to trying to discredit UKIP and spread dissent in the ranks. The main one is Andrew Edwards who was exposed as a BNP mole a while back who writes emails to newspaper editors and UKIP members under his own name and the name of Richard England telling all sorts of stories. Some of them are pretty fanciful, none of them ever make the papers.

My money is on BNP knuckledraggers being behind it. I'm sure Andrew Edwards will be spamming people with his own story about it soon enough.

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