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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

British police in the grip of PC poisoning epidemic

The British police are now firmly gripped with an illness that afflicts them and there is no remedy in sight. Political correctness has now infected every force in the country. Run by management-speak officers, each county police service has a way of dealing with officers that fall foul of their diktats.

The latest offering in the PC department is the summary sacking of a young officer, more foolish and tactless, than malicious and hateful. Police Constable Rob Murrie, of Bedfordshire Police, gave a Muslim colleague a pack of bacon and a bottle of wine as a joke present during a Christmas Day party. Even though the Muslim officer did not complain and thought the present funny, senior officers in the Bedfordshire force were not amused.

What was considered a prank led to the officer being booted out by a "court" consisting of self-righteous, morally holier-than-thou superiors. The very sort of superiors that commit motoring offences, such as speeding and talking on mobile phones whilst driving.

These superiors feel, like those that want to ban Christmas celebrations for fear of upsetting people, that they know the minds of those they seek to assist. In that way, they are truly superior. The recipient of the present, 31-year-old Pc Arshad Mahmood, said that while he considered the pack of bacon "a bit below the belt", he still regarded Pc Murrie as "a good officer and a good friend". I would agree that it was a bit below the belt. In fact, tactless and thoughtless. But I would have hoped Pc Mahmood's comments could have been taken as the end of the matter. That, of course, can't happen. In the brave new world of New Labour's thought police, the superiors are the only people who know Pc Mahmood's mind. After all, he has loaned it to them whilst he works for them.

These are the very same kind of superiors who smashed down the front doors of "suspects" of terrorism, all based on flaky evidence, and who found it such a wretched experience in providing an adequate apology.

Shishu Miah, general secretary of the Bedford Jame Mosque, said: "I do not condone what he did but the officer clearly made an error of judgment and should be forgiven." If only that were possible, Mr.Miah, but we have passed that point, it seems.

I believe all right-minded people, of all faiths, creeds, and cultures need to band together to root out this cancer. The most telling remark of all comes from Pc Mahmood, who said "I just took it on the chin. But someone else in the room must have thought it was a racist incident, and reported it." Isn't that the sort of thing that happened before the Iron Curtain collapsed?


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