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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Clegg hires Thatcher campaign man

It seems Nick Clegg is going about changing things in the Liberal Democrats big time. He is setting up a commission to carry out a "root-and-branch" review of the party and has hired the man, (or one of them, at least) who helped run the advertising campaign for Margeret Thatcher's 1987 general election win.

Clegg says "I am determined that this root and branch review should take us towards meeting my commitment of at least doubling our number of seats within two elections". Given that the electorate is fairly volatile, in that party allegiances have been put into a great big sack and mixed around, it is reasonably fair to suggest he might make it. That would then beg the question -where will he get these seats from? A two-pronged attack on Labour and the Tories may result in him winning seats he never expected to, and losing the very ones he wanted to keep.

Time will tell, but if the American voters are anything to go by, "change" is a heady concoction. Could it be the new politics of choice?


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