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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

EU Treaty court challenge

With the Government pushing the EU Treaty through Parliament, in the face of public demand for a referendum (75% in favour), it comes as no surprise that a legal challenge to their affrontery has arisen. Stuart Wheeler, a man of some wealth and of particular fondness for Britishness and the British constitution is seeking legal remedies in the courts.

It is interesting that a dour Scot, who spent quite a lot of time last year mumbling about his concept of Britishness, should be heading a government so keen to destroy our constitutional heritage. For make no mistake, the Treaty is the same as the Constitution. It's the same cake, but the icing has just got different decorations on it. The constitutional cake will taste the same!

So Stuart Wheeler is going to court to defend OUR constitution. The Daily Telegraph says -

"A pivotal question to be answered by the courts is whether Parliament really enjoys, or has ever enjoyed unfettered "supremacy" to do whatever it likes, as it is wont to claim. We have been studying the British Constitution, most of which is written but not codified in one document, for ten years. We believe that ministers are limited by the confines of the Constitution; that they have no authority to surrender, or lend, sovereignty to another power, especially one that is unelected, unaccountable, irremovable and owes no allegiance to the British Crown."

The trouble we face as a nation is that most of the New Labour hierachy are a mixture of republican, secularist and libertine ideologues with little or no regard for traditional values or historical comforts. They are forming their own Establishment, which is OK for them, but wretched for the rest of us.

So with regard to the EU Treaty, they probably like the undemocratic notions of the current crop of EU leaders. After all, when democracy in the form of a referendum was given to the Dutch, French and Irish, who voted against EU proposals, the EU top brass just put it down to being akin to a bad day at the races. Far better to shoot the horses and buy another lot, than waste time reflecting on the results.

Jim Murphy is the man Gordon Brown is giving the bulk of the Commons work to. Murphy could sell sand to the Arabs, and make them feel they got a bargain. I hope those campaigning for a referendum watch this guy as his guile is in the form of EU sweetness and light, or is it lite?

The Daily Telegraph campaign for a referendum


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