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Sunday, January 20, 2008

EU treaty 'same as constitution' - as if we didn't know!

All the continental heads of government say that the EU Treaty is the same as the defunct EU Constitution. It is the constitution by another name. Now a report by MPs goes so far as to say that parts of the Lisbon Treaty, signed by Gordon Brown last month, are no different from the abandoned constitution. Only the stubborness of Brown and his foreign affairs sidekick, David Miliband, suggest it is otherwise.

Andrew Marr today tried to illicit from Miliband the truthfulness of the similarities. Miliband steadfastly refused to concede this point, thereby continuing his flintlike obstinacy when asked about a referendum. The continental bulldozers have seen to it that their people get no say in it this time round. Heaven forfend that the Dutch or the French would be allowed a say. It is up to the people of Ireland, who do have a constitutional right to a referendum, to speak at the ballot box for the whole of the EU community of nations.

David Miliband strikes me as being just like the shopkeeper in the Monty Python Dead Parrot sketch. "This constitutional treaty is just like the constitution!" "No it isn't!" and so on.

It's a pity Ron Paul's not running things in Britain. I bet he'd kick bullshitters like Miliband into the long grass!


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