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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Gordon Brown's pay freeze for others!

Gordon Brown has come up with a grand idea. Freeze the pay of public service workers for three years. He thinks this will help curb inflationary trends in the economy. Who sold him this crock of an idea, I'd like to know?

Just imagine that the police agree not to have a pay rise until 2011. An officer on, say, £25,000 pa sits back, watches prices go up, like the utilities, and says "Oh! It's OK, I'm prepared to slog it out until the three years are up. The federation will put in for a 20% claim then!"

It could be very hard times when these workers get to 30 months, still with half a year to go, and are hoping the Council Tax won't be a bruiser.

Do we really want such a man running the country?


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