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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Indians launch new mini motor car

Tata Motors is fast becoming a global player and in the process making the Indian economy look even better. The firm has launched the Tato Nano which will sell for 100,000 rupees or $2,500 (£1,277) and enable those in developing countries to move to four wheels. However, at that price I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear that those in the so-called developed world will be clamouring for it. Everyone going about in Nanos!

I'm very pleased that India has become such a success story. Although poverty is still rife in large parts of the country, such booming industries, as their motor industry seems to be, will only help to increase the wealth spread.

As the motor industries of America and Europe continue to cause headaches to the bosses, it is India that has the investment opportunities. BMW is there in Madras (Chennai), assembling the 3-series and 5-series vehicles. And what was the clincher? Avoiding 60% import duty, that's what!

With all this success I wonder, if, in 50 years or so, we will be reading of the Indian government proposing strict immigration rules over the impoverished "West". Having squandered our resources on cheap Chinese imports, we are left hoping to share in the lifestyle of the sub-continental land of milk and honey. Could it be so?

LATEST: How the industry is reacting to Tata's Nano?


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