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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jamie Oliver apologises to Sainsbury's

This is what happens when a powerful supermarket teams up with a highly individual and outspoken celebrity chef. If the outspoken chef goes off message the supermarket gets a bit narked. Currently Jamie Oliver is helping to boost awareness for the plight of chickens in battery cages and to push the purchasing of free range birds. Sainsbury's are, to their credit, trying to help, but they are still wary of customer reaction. After all, many of their customers are on low incomes so the cheap chicken deals are still attractive.

Oliver criticised the supermarket for refusing to take part in his TV debate, Jamie's Fowl Dinners, about battery bred chickens. He told reporters: "It is shocking that the people that I work for did not turn up on the day. I do not know why." However, the firm had claims it did cooperate with the show but admitted it did not participate in the debate.

A heated discussion has taken place apparently, but things are calmer now. Justin King, CEO of Sainsbury's is not totally hacked off with him, but he does have a £1.2 million contract to use as as a 'debating' prop!

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