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Sunday, January 06, 2008

New scandal engulfs Mandelson

It's quite amazing. Peter Mandelson is probably well cut out to be an EU Commissioner. Just a little bit sleazy, but not enough to get stuck in the mud. Unlike Bill Clinton, who has the panache, charm and ability to get out of sticky situations (Teflon comes to mind!), Mandelson leaves a lot to be desired.

We now hear that Mandelson was today facing questions about a trip to the Caribbean at taxpayers' expense. His lips have been hermetically sealed by the other commissioners! They have closed ranks - refusing to answer questions about how they spend their holidays and with whom. Cheeky devils. These are the people that our part-time MP Prime Minister is suggesting should be given more trough space by signing this ridiculous treaty.

We must be mad. An organisation with an accounting system devised by Lucifer allows its top officials to swan off with their "partners" on luxury trips. Then gets all hissy when the questions come. The questions arose after UK Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage MEP tried to establish full details of the holiday arrangements of all the commissioners. His target, quite rightly, was Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso, following claims that Mr Barroso enjoyed a lavish free holiday last summer with billionaire Spirof Latsis, a shipping tycoon and bank owner.

Farage is after them. Hope he lands the big pirana!


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