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Friday, January 18, 2008

Nudes won't take it lying down!

Standing around in the nude all day, being sized up by a person, usually a man, and young man at that, can be very frustrating indeed. Particularly if the person doing the looking is not paying towards you getting a decent wage. What sort of people go nude like this? Artists' models, that's the sort.

These nude models of Italy are getting a bit hacked off with the pay. I don't blame them. They can't move. If they even sneeze it's considered bad form. But the trouble with this work is that most artists are impoverished types who feel that they should get the nude model for about the same cost as a bowl of fruit.

The nude models who are hired out to Italian art schools have decided enough is enough. The protesters — male and female — said that they wanted “professional recognition” and full-time contracts. Only 50 of about 300 models at Italian art schools are on fixed annual contracts, with the rest hired by the hour. Antonella Migliorini, 42, said that it was “a tough, cold job” posing in the nude, often for eight hours a day. I'd say so.

But the Italian authorities were minded to look into the matter. Nando Dalla Chiesa, an education ministry official, said he had agreed to meet the protesters. “We need to get to the bottom of this,” he said, no doubt impervious to the pun.

The bottom and the top if the models are going to go back to work!


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