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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obama bounces back by beating Hillary in a knockout!

Harold Wilson, 6o's pipe smoking British Prime Minister, once said that a week in politics is a long time. His Tory predecessor, Harold Macmillan, once said, in reply to a question about political problems that it was all a matter of "Events, dear boy. Events!"

Barack Obama may do well to ponder these two political truisms. Although he won a stunning victory over Hillary Clinton with 55% of the vote, he needs to make sure that his support base is not just in the places where it is easier to win. Mrs Clinton almost conceded defeat in advance. When a presidential candidate leaves a state for better pickings elsewhere (a bit like being at a cocktail party where the guest you are talking to is looking round the room for more important people to reign in!) it suggests loud and clear that the opponent is going to win.

And 55%? That's a majority win! Not 33% which is what John McCain thinks a majority win is. The Democratic race is of two equally placed riders. The Republicans are riding a bookies nightmare!


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