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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oscar the dog wins canine slimming title!

It is not only us humans who are having trouble with our eating habits. Dogs and cats do too. Or rather, it is the owners giving "treats" to the animals. We've all done it. Many moons ago my father used to make a pot of tea in the evening, and our dog always got a bowlful of warm tea to lick up. She was denied sugar, though, so stayed on a relatively strict regime.

I've always thought there was a problem over food for animals. Most of the stuff given is appalling. There has never been a dog who has turned up his/her nose at proper meat. After all they are carnivores. Cats prefer fresh fish to a highly smelling mash containing fish bones and rusk material. I remember a chap from the old Safeway days, saying he tasted the tinned food that the supermarket sold. I suppose he was trying to prove a point!

So with all this noxious food around, isn't it going to be that dogs, in particular, and cats will want to step outside their world of nasal nuisance and wish to devour human comfort food. Like the odd burger here, or the pizza portion there?

With so many podgy pooches and cuddly cats around, the PDSA have set up an annual slimming competion in connection with their Pet Fit Club. The winner in the dog section was Oscar who lost 10kg to come in with a much reduced waistline (by five inches!). He's the WINNER – PDSA Pet Fit Club Champ!


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