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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pilot "who wanted to talk to God" carried off Air Canada flight!

An Air Canada flight has been diverted to Shannon airport in Ireland because the co-pilot became hysterically unstable, shouting and swearing, saying he wanted "to talk to God". One of the passengers, Sean Finucane, said he saw the pilot being carried into the cabin in restraints.
"He was very, very distraught. He was yelling loudly at times". It can't have been a pleasant experience.

It's in times like this that one hopes for a Lloyd Bridges or Tommy Lee Jones type to take control and calm the passengers and crew down. "At no time was the safety of the passengers or crew in question" said an Air Canada spokesman. That's good to know. It was lucky that they were close to Shannon. If it was halfway across the Atlantic, the passengers could have been in for a performance ranging from a Bible Belt preacher to Freddie Starr doing his Hitler impressions!


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