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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ron Paul comes in 2nd and beats Ms Clinton!

Before I do go to bed and have a restless time, I had one more look around. Seems Ron Paul came in a good 2nd with over a 100 votes to spare from McCain's result.

But, hey, he beat the gracious Mrs Clinton, too! Put that in your pipe, Fox News, and smoke it! I will be waiting for your comments.

Democrat Votes
Hillary Clinton 5,317
Barack Obama 4,726
John Edwards 393

Republican Votes
Mitt Romney 22,220
Ron Paul 5,681
John McCain 5,535
Mike Huckabee 3,450
Fred Thompson 3,333
Rudy Giuliani 1,878
Duncan Hunter 877

For the very latest Republican result details - see here

One thing these votes do tell us. Caucusing is a minority sport!


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