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Friday, January 25, 2008

Ron Paul floors McCain in Boca Raton debate!

Ron Paul, although given fewer questions in the least amount of time (what's new?), managed to show up the inadequacies of John McCain's grasp of economic matters. Ron Paul has consistently given serious policy arguments suggesting that the US economy is in a recession and only radical solutions will help. McCain seems to think the garden still has roses in bloom!

The man who says he will get to the Gates of Hell before Osama Bin Laden does, because he will have tracked him down ("I will do that!"), is no thoughtful thinker. A lot of his stuff is just rhetoric for the ride. Well, last night Ron Paul knocked him off his carousel horse!

Ron Paul is now in a good position to garner votes that would have gone to Fred Thompson and Dennis Kucinich, but also to squeeze the support of McCain and Rudy Giuliani. The latter is hoping his tortoise tactics will put him above the hares in the Florida race. He needs a more attractive shell if that's going to happen.

It's onwards and upwards for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul - the only true Conservative and the only candidate sticking to Republican Party values!


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