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Friday, January 04, 2008

Ron Paul frozen out by the BBC!

This excellent posting is heading the "Have Your Say" Iowa thread on the BBC's website. It comes from DonAspartame Rumsfeld, of NYC, United States. I couldn't have put it better!!

I'd like to know why the BBC (as well as most of the US media) see fit to exclude Ron Paul from the list of candidates. Dr. Paul has raised more money than any of the other candidates recently, and his popularity on the Internet is practically viral - and yet the "unbiased media" refuse to talk to him, about him, or allow him to participate. Why is the media so scared? And what gives the media the right to decide who the people should be allowed to vote for?
As I post this, the BBC still keeps Ron Paul off their candidate selection. Let's see for how long, shall we?


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